List of Confirmed Cheaters

For a full list of cheaters, visit: (May not be 100% accurate)

Players who have had their WRs removed from the site

These players had their WRs removed in July 2012, when I discovered a way of detecting suspicious inputs in the ghost data.
Players with links to their profiles are believed to have gotten legit WRs before they started cheating.
For now, no future WRs will be permitted from these players.

Player Aliases Country TAS Method Proof Confessed?
Mander マンダー, hirano Japan Turbo Controller/Rapid Fire/Slow Motion
MARIO Jorge H., jgmariokart, λ★MARIO USA Turbo Controller/Rapid Fire/Slow Motion
Jay GOD, The*One, #1 PP MKW UK Slow Motion, Live Replay TAS Yes
Raiga KCL*Raiga USA Rapid Fire Yes
Daniel μ€ Ξ◇Dαη◇Ξ Ireland Rapid Fire, "TAS Codes" Yes
Nooboss Matt@ITF France Turbo Controller/Rapid Fire/Slow Motion